AvatarGroup is used to both display a group of user avatars and, optionally, control actions related to the users group.



Label for the component used for screen readers.

See the Accessibility guidelines for details on proper usage.

$ReadOnlyArray<{| name: string, src?: string, |}>

The user group data. See the collaborators display variant to learn more.


Specify the id of an associated element (or elements) whose contents or visibility are controlled by a component so that screen reader users can identify the relationship between elements. Optional with button-role component.

See the Accessibility guidelines for details on proper usage.


Indicate that a component hides or exposes collapsible components and expose whether they are currently expanded or collapsed. Optional with button-role component.

See the Accessibility guidelines for details on proper usage.


Indicate that a component controls the appearance of interactive popup elements, such as menu or dialog. Optional with button-role component.

See the Accessibility guidelines for details on proper usage.


When supplied, it appends an add icon to the avatar pile as a call to action to the user. See Best Practices for more info.


When supplied, wraps the component in a link, and directs users to the url when item is selected. See the role variant to learn more.


Callback fired when the component is clicked (pressed and released) with a mouse or keyboard. See the role variant to learn more and see TapArea's onTap for more info about OnTapType.

HTMLDivElement | HTMLAnchorElement

Forward the ref to the underlying div or anchor element. See the role variant to learn more.

"link" | "button"

Allows user interaction with the component. See the role variant to learn more.

"xs" | "sm" | "md" | "fit"

The maximum height of AvatarGroup. If size is fit, AvatarGroup will fill 100% of the parent container width. See the fixed size and responsive size variant to learn more.

Usage guidelines

When to Use
  • For the general display of groups of people, companies and/or brands.
  • In cases where an affordance for adding collaborators is needed.
When Not to Use
  • Displaying a group of people, companies and/or brands in a square format. Use AvatarPair instead.


ARIA attributes

AvatarGroup requires accessibilityLabel. AvatarGroup is a group of elements that require a parent label describing both the data presented and the call to action in the case of button and link roles. As seen in the example below, the screen-reader reads: "Collaborators: Keerthi, Alberto, and 10 more. Add collaborators to this board."

If AvatarGroup is used as a control button to show/hide Popover-component, we recommend passing the following ARIA attributes to assist screen readers:

  • accessibilityControls: informs the screen reader that AvatarGroup controls the display of an anchored Popover-component. It populates aria-controls.
  • accessibilityHaspopup: informs the screen reader that there‚Äôs a Popover-component attached to AvatarGroup. It populates aria-haspopup.
  • accessibilityExpanded: informs the screen reader whether an anchored Popover-component is currently open or closed. It populates aria-expanded.


Be sure to localize accessibilityLabel.


Fixed sizes

AvatarGroup is available in 3 fixed height sizes: xs (24px) , sm (32px), and md (48px).


Responsive sizing

AvatarGroup is a responsive component. Avatar Groups that are not given a size prop or use size fit will expand to fit to the width of their parent container. A common use case is to achieve column-based sizing. Resize the width or number of avatars to see the AvatarGroup change to match the width of the Column it's been placed in.

The Quick Vegan Recipes board has 3 followers.

Collaborators display

AvatarGroup displays up to three user avatars. More users, if present, will be displayed as a numerical count for the md and fit sizes.


AvatarGroup can be display only, but can also act as a button or link. It will only be clickable if role is set to button or link. For button role, onClick is required. For link role, href is required.